Hello! My name is Kelly Bowman and I am the Director of Convention planning and Fundraising for 2017-2018! I am a block 4 student at Scottsdale Community College where I serve as the President for our student nurses association. Currently I work at Phoenix Children’s Hospital as a PCT on our ortho/trauma floor. I am keeping an open mind as to where I want to work, however, I love my team and will definitely be staying in pediatrics as it is my niche. My goal as Director of Convention Planning and Fundraising for this year is to provide an amazing and life changing experience for students at our SNAAz conventions. Please email me directly if you are interested in speaking at our 2018 SNAAz Convention, or if you have any questions or concerns.

Kelly Bowman
SNAAz Director of Convention Planning and Fundraising
Scottsdale Community College

Kel2075250@maricopa.edu ​

Director of Website

​Cindy Ladner

Welcome the 2017-2018 SNAAz Board of Directors! 

Vice President Alisha Van Driel

Director of Breakthrough to Nursing 

Christina Worley

Director of Convention Planning & Fundraising Kelly Bowman

Hello! My name is Alisha VanDriel and I am honored to be Vice President of SNAAz for the 2017-2018 year! I chose to run for Vice President because after finishing my ADN, I realized that I could have made things easier on myself if I had known more about what SNAAz had to offer. I hope to reach out to nursing students across Arizona and educate them about the benefits of being involved. My goals include helping nursing students feel like they are part of something bigger and that their success is vital to nursing. I am currently an RN-BSN student at ASU and a Scottsdale Community College Alumni. I feel nursing allows me to make an impact on the most amount of people in the shortest period of time. I began feeling the desire to become a nurse after being ill as a child, my nurse advocated for me and by doing this- probably saved my life. After becoming a parent, my reasons to become a nurse became even more defined. Being a parent makes me a role model, and I am determined to be the best possible example for my children!

Alisha VanDriel

SNAAz Vice President
 Arizona State University/ Scottsdale Community College Alumni

Director of Communications

​Justine McLellan

Hi! My name is Michaela Calvillo and I am your 2017-2018 SNAAz Director of Community Outreach. I am honored to serve as the Director of Community Outreach for the Student Nurses' Association of Arizona.I am 22 years old currently living in Chandler. I’m in block 2 at Mesa Community College and concurrently enrolled with Northern Arizona University. When I graduate school I hope to become a pediatric oncology nurse. I currently volunteer at Phoenix Children’s Hospital in my spare time. I also enjoy practicing yoga and being outside when I am not busy with school! 

Michaela Calvillo

​SNAAz Director of Community Outreach

Mesa Community College

Hello, my name is Christina Worley and I am currently pursuing my nursing education through Arizona State University and Estrella Mountain Community College through the concurrent enrollment program. In addition to being a part of the SNAAz Board of Directors, I am currently Treasurer of EMCC’s SNA chapter. After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in pediatric oncology. I look forward to increasing connections with the local school chapters, getting pre-nursing students excited, and working with my fellow board members to increase membership and promote leadership in the community.

Christina Worley
SNAAz Director of Breakthrough to Nursing
Estrella Mountain Community College / Arizona State University

Hi! My name is Justine McLellan and I am honored to be serving as the Director of Communications for the Student Nurses’ Association of Arizona. Currently, I am working towards both my ADN and BSN concurrently through Glendale Community College and Northern Arizona University. Presently my current interests are critical care and pursuing a pathway to becoming a CRNA. Throughout school and after graduation, I am also eager to get involved with organizations who are dedicated to providing health care to underserved communities within the Phoenix area as well as around the world. As the Director of Communications, my goal is to connect with and encourage more students to become involved in our organization as well as within the community. I will provide students with information regarding upcoming events, educational opportunities and motivational support. Again, I am honored to be serving along side this year’s Board of Directors and very excited to further support our members. Please contact me anytime if you have any questions or recommendations. We as students are the future of nursing; together we can become the best we can be, influence and create positive change.

Justine McLellan

SNAAz Director of Communications
Glendale Community College / Northern Arizona University

Hi, my name is Neva Farmer and I am your 2017-2018 SNAAz Treasurer. I am honored to serve as the Treasurer for the Student Nurses’ Association of Arizona. I have previously served as President and Founder of the Scottsdale Community College Student Nurses’ Association and Chair of the Nominating and Elections Committee for the National Student Nurses’ Association. I am committed to the values and ideals of our association and hope to increase scholarship opportunities for the nursing students of Arizona. This position allows me to combine my background in finance and passion for nursing leadership and advocacy. As Treasurer, I am tasked with maintaining up-to-date financial records and ensuring the future of our 501c3 status. As a non-profit organization SNAAz has a greater ability to supply scholarships and funds to our members. In addition, to being a SNAAz member I enjoy reading, trying new restaurants, and being outdoors. I look forward to serving as your 2017-2018 SNAAz Treasurer. Please feel free to contact me with questions in regards to scholarship opportunities and/or fundraising ideas.

Neva Farmer

​SNAAz Treasurer

Hello! My name is Mariah Porritt and I am the Director of Newsletter here at SNAAz. I am currently a freshman of Nursing at ASU Barrett Honors College. Although I am just starting out pursuing my career, I am very excited to be getting involved in SNAAz and all of the amazing opportunities that come with it. I also have a Legislative Affairs position in the SNA chapter at ASU. I am planning on entering the Nursing program at ASU a semester early and can't wait to gain more experience and knowledge. I am looking forward to working with the rest of the Board of Directors and other members of SNA in this next year.

Moriah Porritt

SNAAz Director of Newsletter

Director of Community Outreach 

​Michaela Calvillo

Director of Membership

Hi! My name is Cindy Ladner and I am your 2017-2018 SNAAz Director of Website. I am honored to serve as the Director of Website for the Student Nurses' Association of Arizona. I attend Mesa Community College's CEP program with Grand Canyon University. I'm in block 2 at MCC and simultaneously working toward a  MSN in Nursing Informatics at GCU. I am committed to the values and ideals of our association and hope to provide a website experience that is informative and easy to navigate for Arizona's student nurses, nursing program faculty, advisors, and anyone with a curiosity to browse our site.  Please feel free to contact me with questions about our site or if you know of breaking news in the nursing world that should be referenced.

Cindy Ladner

SNAAz Director of Website

Mesa Community College/Grand Canyon University CEP Program


Hi! My name is Nadia Hamilton and I am your 2017-2018 SNAAz Secretary. I am currently in block one of nursing school at Glendale Community College and I am completing my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at Arizona State University. I very much like to say that nursing found me! I became inspired to become a nurse as I learned more about the profession, and realized how centered on holistic care nursing truly is.  I knew from the very beginning that I was meant to take care of others and I jumped at the opportunity to embark on my journey into nursing. This year I hope to develop my leadership skills, give back to the community and learn everything I can from my patient and colleagues. I am excited to grow with SNAAz and become the best nurse I can be. I look up to my mom for the foundation of hard work that she had provided to me, and for teaching me to reach for the stars. In my free time I enjoy eating great food and spending time with my friends and family. I look forward to serving as secretary this year and can’t wait to meet everyone!

Nadia Hamilton

SNAAz Secretary

My name is Brad Christmas, and I am the Director of Legislative Affairs for the Student Nurses Association of Arizona for 2017-18.  I feel very privileged to be given this opportunity to serve within SNAAZ with the hope that I will impact current and future nurses as well as nursing students in a profound way.  I find great value in integrity, empathy, commitment, and laughter, and I hope to share these qualities with those that I come in contact with both personally and professionally. 
I am currently in my first year of the Concurrent Enrollment Program for my Bachelor of Science in Nursing through Glendale Community College and Arizona State University.  I hold Associate’s degrees in Emergency Response and Operations from Glendale Community College and Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (Paramedic) from Phoenix College.  At present I work for the Phoenix Fire Department as a 911 dispatcher and I look forward to taking my knowledge of pre-hospital healthcare into the clinical setting and further growing my skillset. 
I am an Arizona native with close family ties throughout the state.  My downtime is spent working on whatever DIY project I happen to have taken on around the house, playing with my two pups, or cheering on the Phoenix Suns. I am very much looking forward to whatever challenges this position brings and am excited to be a part of the team!

Treasurer  Neva Farmer

Director of Legislative Affairs

​Brad Christmas

Secretary  Nadia Hamilton

Hi! My name is Kelly Arthur and I am your 2017-2018 SNAAz President. I am honored to serve as the President for the Student Nurses' Association of Arizona. 

Kelly Arthur

​SNAAz President


Hello! My name is Tiffany Mayes and I am your 2018 SNAAz Director of Membership.  I am in the Post-Baccalaureate BSN program at ASU.  I love the brain and heart and am hoping to someday specialize in neurological or cardiac care. As Director of Membership, I am excited for the chance to help Arizona’s nursing students build a professional network that will not only support them during school but carry with them as they move into professional practice.   My goals for this year include working with the SNAs at Arizona’s nursing schools to expand membership and promote participation in SNAAz events.

Tiffany Mayes

SNAAz Director of Membership

Arizona State University

President  Kelly Arthur

Director of Newsletter 

Mariah Porritt